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Iron Palm

Break stacks of bricks with ease!

For the first time ever, the secrets of iron palm.

Once a closely guarded treasure of ancient masters, the iron palm can now be yours.

Using the powerful techniques of Shaolin Master Ku Yu Cheong, who broke 13 bricks without spacers and killed a war horse with his Iron Palm.

Through this amazing program, you can achieve increased power in your strikes and develop the confidence to protect yourself.

You get all this WITHOUT any deformities or loss of sensitivities of your hand.

Whereas other training techniques leave you with permanent scars and deformities, this program doesn't leave you with any.

Imagine palms as strong as iron with the delicate touch of musicians.

While normally it will take years for a master to show a student these secrets, they are available to you now.

You could train in the convenience of your home without the cost of classes or an instructor. Great bargain.

Makes an excellent gift for any martial artist.

Order now while supplies are still available. Choose a program below depending on your needs.

1) Shaolin Iron Palm:

Through this simple program, you can acheive Iron Palm skills without injury to your hands. This video reveals to you the actual system of renowned Shaolin Master Ku Yu Cheong.    $69.85

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2) Shaolin Secret Iron Palm Master Kit:

Includes everything you need to train in iron palm. Includes 2 Shaolin training bags (beginning and intermediate), 2 bottles of liniment (Dit Da Jow - which is the secret to preventing injury to you hands) and the training video.    $99.85

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3) Tiger Claw Iron Palm Training:

The Tiger Claw is one of the most devastating weapons of Hung Gar kung fu. This Iron Palm training method focuses on training your Tiger Claw (which will toughen your fingers for grasping), along with you palm strikes. Iron palm training can benefit any type of practice, amplifying the destructive power of your hands. You will feel the results in just a few months! This method works!

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4) Tiger Claw Iron Palm Master Kit:

Includes 2 Tiger claw training bags (beginning and intermediate), 2 bottles of liniment, 1 bag of hand washing herbal formula and the training video.    $149.15

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5) Tiger Iron Palm Training Table Kit:

Made to faciliate your tiger iron palm training by giving you an adjustable surface for your iron palm bag to slide. Made of unfinished wood.    $385.95

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6) Wing Lam Secret Kung Fu Liniment Dit Da Jow:

Dit Da Jow is the Kung Fu liniment for bruises, sore muscles and Iron Palm training. Brewed from select Chinese herbs, it is excellent for relieving minor aches, tired muscles, and injuries as it conditions your skin. It is also a critical ingredient for Iron Palm training. This secret formula is the original recipe of Ku Yu Cheong, a renowned healer and foremost exponent of Iron Palm.

One 4 oz bottle    $9.95

Case of twelve 4 oz bottles    $69.95

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7) Iron Palm bags are also sold separately. If you would like to purchase them separately, click below.

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